Migrating GitLab from one server to another (with external postgres)

So I have a gitlab server, it’s running on https://git.volkor.me/ I use it for my personal projects, along with learning how to properly setup environments and such. Pre-Migration Ensure the old server is up to date. sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade Create a backup sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:backup:create copy this backup to the new server scp /var/opt/gitlab/backups/XXXXXXXXX_gitlab_backup.tar NEW_SERVER_IP:~ Setup Actually Install gitlab on the new server now Create the user and database in postgres, with the same user/pass and such (READ NODE AT THE BOTTOM) ensure you’ve copied the gitlab.

The Horrifying Data Security Problem in Hospitals

2 Dec 2018 - 8 minutes
Foreword: All data in this post is entirely fabricated, however the vulnerability exists (as of 2018-12-02) and can be collected by anyone. Hospitals are aware of the issue, and decide to do nothing (or only do it when it makes the news) I wrote this post in order to raise public awareness of the issue, however it seems like since I wrote this, nothing has been done. So this is going to be a scary post.

Tiny Tiny RSS Migration

As an effort of lowering my monthly server costs, I want to move my blog and rss reader onto the same server as the gitlab instance. The gitlab server has a postgres server running already, so we need to migrate the existing database over without screwing up the database. TinyTinyRSS is a php rss newsreader, similar to google reader. I use it specifically because of the fact it’s server based, so the web app and the android app are kept in sync.

Quassel Web

Follow up on my second blog post where I installed quassel, now I want to setup the Quassel Web, and rest-search I’m basing this on a vultr guide just because I used this plus a bunch of issues and random help pages to get it working. Personally I have my quassel running on sub-domain, instead of the root with /quassel, using sockets to connect instead of http proxy, for extra security and possibily extra speed.

The Button

This is probably one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve ever done. A basic explaination of what it is is a button that kicks Jennifer-Lawrence. Thats it. Unfortunately, the actual implementation is a little more complicated, with 2 python scripts running on the host computer, and a IRC client running 24/7 to act as a IRC Bot Hardware Requirements Big Red novelty button Arduino (as long as it has usb serial) 2 * 1k resistors 9-10 male to male jumper cables Breadboard A will to live kick Jennifer-Lawrence Hardware Setup Software Setup The software is composed of 3 main parts.

LanCache on a Debian Server

2019 Update: I’ve not updated this in a while, and I’ve recently gotten better internet. This project is useless for me, but The Lancache Project is still working, and has much better documentation than this old-ass blog post. I spent a little too long figuring out exactly what project was the best, so I’m using this blog to document my successes as I find them. Requirements Debian 9 (or similar) nginx with CachePurge, Range Cache, Wandenberg Stream Module (installed in installation process, if you have another webserver, remove it) SSD with a decent amount of storage (I’m using a KingSpec NT-512 from aliexpress.

Arduino based Sitting Sensor

6 Aug 2018 - 3 minutes
This project is an Assignment for my Make Things Interactive class, where I use Arduinos as a tool to learn basic electronics. Challenge This challenge has us tasked with creating a solution to help with back pain. We must design a arduino based solution that: Alerts the user when they have sat at their desk for 1 hour (or a configured time). There are 4 Extra Challenges that can be completed

Setting up QuasselCore on a Debian Server

26 Jul 2018 - 2 minutes
Most of this information comes from this wiki page which was pretty out of date. From the start, instead of installing what it says there, quassel is now using qt5, so I’ve changed the command to this: sudo apt install git-core zlib1g-dev qca-qt5-2-utils libqca-qt5-2-dev qtbase5-dev qttools5-dev-tools libqt5sql5-psql screen cmake build-essential libboost-dev if you don’t want postgres, you can use libqt5sql5-mysql for mysql, libqt5sql5-sqlite for sqlite. The rest of the installation is the same as the wiki, but I’ll copy it anyway